Challenge Your Perspective

We’ve all erected ideological towers that shield us from perspectives contrary to our own. A meaningful existence, however, is not about avoiding mental conflict. In fact, it is our duty to seek out conflicting perspectives. It sparks tolerance and empathy—two things in short supply today.

The Atlantic believes that now, more than ever, unbiased views are crucial. For the past 158 years they have taken pride in promoting “The American Idea” by constantly challenging perspectives.


Although The Atlantic is doing great with its core demo, it was failing to resonate with millennials. To expand readership and promote tolerant online discourse—which they refer to as The American Idea—to a new audience, we created @lantic.



Special outdoor builds will allow commuters & passersby to view multiple viewpoints based on their physical perspective.


Semi-translucent pages within The Atlantic informed and invited readers of the magazine to join in the discourse online.


Interactive audio installations placed in public transit hubs feature opposing viewpoints playing from left and right speakers of commuters' headphones.


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Interactive Banners